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Laurie Richards, BSBA, Founder & Creator

Business offerings under the Keys to Harmony, LLC umbrella:

  • Piano Lessons using the revolutionary Simply Music Piano method

  • Master Teacher with 20 years of experience

  • Expert support and coaching for Simply Music Teachers

  • Digital Store with valuable resources

  • SoulSongs

  • Customized music creation

  • Precision audio-to-sheet music transcription

How will you bring meaningful music into your life?

Keys to Harmony

Play great-sounding music - immediately - from your very first lessons

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Indigo6 Music

Authentic & Expressive Musical Creations


A SoulSong is piece of music composed intuitively and personally for you. It is meant to capture your essence in music. A companion meditation piece may be added.

Meditation Music

I create serene, ethereal soundscapes aimed at fostering tranquility and peace. My meditation music encourages relaxation, introspection, and respite from challenges.

Music Transcription

Because I have perfect pitch, I am able to hear music and transcribe it into written sheet music. I start with an audio file you provide, and create the written music using easy-to-read professional software.

Indigo6 Music

About SoulSongs

How are SoulSongs created?

Laurie's process for composing SoulSongs is thoughtful and authentic:

1 - Initial Connection

Let's meet ~ face-to-face or online. Our sincere conversation will help me know you and understand your unique qualities.

2 - Meditative Insight

After our conversation I engage in a meditative process which provides the foundational music elements for your SoulSong.

3 - Creative Emergence

With that foundation, I embark on the creation of your SoulSong. A piano sound typically serves as a rich and expressive base, with additional sounds woven throughout to enhance the depth and texture.

4 - Collaborative Refinement

As your song evolves, I'll connect with you a few times to ensure it resonates with you. If you prefer to simply wait for a finished product, that's fine too!

Add a SoulMeditation

SoulSongs are typically structured much like other songs, with a melody and definable song sections.I can also create a companion meditation piece, or SoulMeditation, which retains chord patterns from your SoulSong but in an ambient, ethereal musical style which is perfect for meditating.

Hear a sample

This SoulSong is a heartfelt dedication to a cherished friend. I named it "Timeless" in honor of our long-standing bond.

Indigo6 Music

About Meditation Music

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Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination, and life to everything.

Indigo6 Music

About Music Transcription

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The main theme for Ancient Soul came during a meditation with other intuitive women. This inspired the rest of the piece.

The Clearing evolved from a chord progression and groove that came to me during a session with an intuitive guide.

  • First item

  • Second item

  • Third item

  • (Meditative Insight phase of SoulSong creation)

  • I concentrate wholly on the individual, focusing on my understanding of their essence

  • This process clears my mind, opening it to the flow of inspiration and musical ideas

  • In this receptive state, I receive musical 'downloads' - the initial spark from which the song is created