About Keys to Harmony

Laurie with neil moore, simply music founder & creator

Laurie with neil moore, simply music founder & creator

Keys to Harmony is owned and operated by Laurie Richards. Laurie is a traditionally trained pianist and flutist and has also played guitar, alto sax and oboe. She has taught traditional piano lessons and Kindermusik. She discovered the Simply Music method in 2003 and has taught it exclusively since then.

Laurie is an active and respected member of the Simply Music worldwide teacher community and is on the Simply Music staff serving as Director of Teacher Services. She has earned the highest distinction of Master Simply Music Teacher, provides coaching for other teachers, presents regularly at teacher conferences locally and nationally and has developed curriculum for Simply Music for both teachers and students. 

Having been raised in a family of talented musicians, she was fortunate to have been surrounded by great music her entire life. Her father was an active jazz musician until his death in 2012; he was also a retired band director who started the instrumental music program at Bellevue West High School.  Her mother is an accomplished pianist who still performs, and her sisters are both talented pianists as well.

After earning a business degree from the University of NE at Omaha in 1990, Laurie worked for several years as an accountant. When her children were very young and her business hours part-time, she began teaching traditional piano lessons to supplement her income. After a few years of teaching she discovered the Simply Music program and was excited to begin offering this revolutionary program.  As her business grew, an exciting new career unfolded which allowed Laurie to do what she loves most – share music.  From 2008 to 2014 her studio expanded to a commercial location, and she employed additional Simply Music teachers. In 2014, Keys to Harmony moved to a new home studio in the original location, allowing Laurie to focus more on her own piano students, home schooling her children and serving on the Simply Music staff.

Laurie stays active as a performer by serving on the worship team at Brookside Church on both piano and keyboard. She has experience as keyboardist and backup vocalist in a local cover band and occasionally plays at events, weddings and funerals. She feels blessed to have music be such a huge part of her existence.