What is Simply Music?

Simply Music is the largest playing-based music education institution in the world.  Founded by Australian music educator Neil Moore, Simply Music has grown into a worldwide organization dedicated to developing innovative music programs, promising a breakthroughs in creativity for humanity

Simply Music examines the very core of musicality and musicianship in a totally new light. It reinterprets music into a new and comprehensive ‘playing-based’ language, freeing the student to focus directly on the instrument instead of written notation. Reading music is introduced after building a repertoire of around 40 songs (typically one year of lessons), much like we introduce the alphabet and reading to young children after they have a command of spoken language. Most students find this approach much more natural.

How Does it Work?

The learning process itself is explored in an entirely new way using a unique body of playing-based tools and strategies alongside the understanding and application of different types of learning. Managing the relational aspect of this long-term endeavor is an area which is deeply explored in the Simply Music Teacher Training Program. All of these elements combined make possible the unprecedented results routinely enjoyed by Simply Music students and teachers. 

Learn More

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