"Thank you so much for playing that beautiful duet with me in class! I can't believe how relaxing and peaceful it was on a rather hard day, You are so kind and encouraging! Simply Music is perfect for older learners like myself. I am truly enjoying my lessons and my time playing at home feels so satisfying! Love learning from you; you are a gifted teacher."
-Julie, adult student

"I am so amazed at the level of songs my daughter can play already. She loves it so much.  Laurie is funny and very patient with the students! Thanks for being such an amazing piano teacher. " 
-Janet, mom of student Eliza

"I have a traditional background in piano. But I also write and record my own music. Simply Music is a different way of learning - it helps me to play more instinctively, which I like. Laurie is positive, happy, and excited to be teaching! You can tell she loves Simply Music. I would recommend Laurie and Simply Music to anyone and everyone!"
-Karen, adult student

"I feel accomplished, and I really enjoy playing music and the piano. I zone out when I play. My mom plays violin with my songs and sings with my accompaniment pieces. Laurie is a great teacher and piano player."
-Matt, teenage student

"Matt loves playing, and the rest of the family loves listening. Brilliant method, and fun to do with the student. It introduces a whole new way to organize thoughts. He has the joy and passion of playing wonderful music. I appreciate the different genres taught, especially the Jazz, Improv, Classical, and Accompaniment. I love Simply Music!"
-Mickey, mom of student Matt

"Learning music with the Simply Music program has improved my learning strategies in other disciplines - slow down, relax, but still work hard, and you learn incredibly quickly. I and the others in my class have learned to read music very quickly but without any undue stress."
-Tim, student

My son has benefitted in many ways from his lessons at Keys to Harmony. He plays a variety of musical styles, with and without sheet music. In addition to all the songs in his repertoire, he has learned a wide variety of tools, learning principles, and time management.  Expectations from the teacher are high, and he has learned responsibility for accomplishing assignments. Goals are set and maintained. The playlist used for home practice reallyhelp manage his practice time as well. 
-Kathlyn, mom of student Cameron

"I can now learn more music than I thought I would be able to, but much more easily with everything Simply Music has taught me. I am able to read music and then find patterns to help me learn the song. I enjoy playing classical, blues, modern styles, and accompaniment pieces. Laurie is very knowledgeable in music."
-Molly, student